by Jeff Lane

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released July 29, 2019


all rights reserved



Jeff Lane Tennessee

Jeff's soulful style of writing, along with tasteful guitar work have gained him notoriety as an artist at revered songwriter spots in Nashville and all over the Eastern U.S. Also fronting bands Real Life Heavies and Hundred Acres, Lane is a powerhouse that commands rooms with the sound of his soulful voice. ... more

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Track Name: Me and Jesus Having a Beer
It was just one of those nights, I was driving around
Somehow I ended up on the other side of town
I pulled into a church parking lot, the only soul there left to be found

The sign said "come as you are, you're always welcome here"
So I parked under the light and I opened another beer
I was just sitting there reading the label when I heard a familiar voice in my ear

He said "Son I'm glad to see you back, I hope you brought enough for two?"
I offered Him a cold one, he said "I don't mind if I do"
"mmm that's alright .... here's to a purty night"

We talked all about the broken pieces of my life
My five minutes of fame, and about all of my ex-wives
Well I got over them, but talkin' 'bout the kids must have plucked out my eye

I put on my sunglasses and I blamed it on the light
Truth is - I guess I didn't want Him to see me cry
We were just sitting there in the car, Him, me, and my pride

"Here's to the salt in your eye son, and your sordid past
You can take it from me, sometimes - we all end up on our ass"
"but it'll be alright, here's to a purty night",

That old church lit up like an old Victrola jukebox - I heard music inside

When I woke up all my empty cans were gone
I felt rested, been a while since I slept that long
I had this crazy idea in my head for a song

A song about me and Jesus having a beer
Just the two of us in a '98 Cavalier
We were navigating through times that weren't quite so clear

"Sometimes you need a Father, and sometimes you need a friend
If you can take that advice from me, then you can make it up to them"

"And it'll be alright, here's to a 'purty night
If you have any more questions son, just stop by anytime, anytime day or night
It'll be alright"
Track Name: Rings
Women | they say some crazy ass things
I will and I do | and you can keep this damned old ring
Over time | the words lose their sting
Until I die | love just won’t taste the same

The kids grew up | while I was chasing my dreams
I saw sights with my eyes | that most people don’t see
From time to time | I would hold that ring
And think about | sights I wish I’d seen

There’s only one trip down the line
If I could just go back in time
I’d make up for everything
And we all hold rings

I was broke | so I had to sell a few things
I thought I’d choke | when I handed over Momma’s old ring
I was down | in a real darkness that spring
But I know now | there’s more important things to me

There’s only one trip down the line
And all we’re put here with is time
We move on to better things
I guess we all lose rings

There’s only one trip down the line
And all we’re put here with is time
We carry on ‘til the Angel sings
And we all hold rings
Track Name: I'm Gettin' Married in Gatlinburg Again
We’re headed up to the mountains / Me and my purdy gal
We’re gonna wish in a fountain / stay in a fine motel
The kind with a view and a hot tub / and a king-size, heart-shaped bed
I may never get this chance again

I took off work a little early / so we could have time to spare
I figured I’d take the back roads / and my baby could fix her hair
Got a sweet deal on a chapel / cause’ I’m a returnin’ guest
Yeah this time it’s bound to be the best!

She just wants to get married / she can hear wedding bells
Some folks think I’m crazy / coming back for another round
A Smoky Mountain 2-for-1 / it sure beats livin’ in sin
So I’m getting’ married in Gatlinburg again

I’ve always wanted me a girlfriend / who thinks I'm debonair
One I could take home to Momma’ / but with a New York City flare
Now she’s here with this coupon / it barely seems real
I never thought I’d get this good a’ deal

She just wants to get married / she can hear wedding bells
Some folks say I’m crazy / coming back for another round
A Smoky Mountain 2-for-1 / it sure beats livin’ in sin
So I’m getting’ married in Gatlinburg again
Track Name: Movin' On
They say I’ve had a real good life with family and friends
I can’t remember them now, but I feel their hands
Though spoken words, I don’t hear well anymore
Time is louder than ever before

As I roll around so slow
With nowhere to go
I know this place ain’t my home
Soon I’ll be movin’ on

All of us out here in this long white hall
With broken down bones, we must seem so small
Behind these cloudy eyes and drawn up face
Is the man I used to be in a better place

Now outside room 304
I wait by the Golden Door
That doesn’t touch the floor
Soon I’ll be movin on
Track Name: Parts of Me are Blue
Darlin' I think we need to have a talk
I've hardly had any lovin' here at all
But I still have feelings for you
Especially in my parts a'turnin' blue

And I've been follerin' you all weekend
Doing ever'thing you told me to
Now I'm feelin' a little anxious
Like they's a message comin' through
There's parts of me that love you more
ANd I'd like to foller' through

'Cause darlin' - parts of me are blue

Now darlin' you've got me thinkin' again
We're spending too much time just being friends
And I've got something better for you
As long as you don't mind it being blue

If you want to make things better
I'll tell you what you should do
Put on that bright red lipstick
ANd them see-through stripper shoes
"cause honey you've got such a 'purty smile
But talking just won't do

And Sugar - parts of me are blue
Parts of me are blue
Parts of me are blue.
Track Name: Bad Land
I didn't want her to marry him, a widower with dark eyes
In the wedlock he would bring with him, an older boy that never cried
my Momma favored some abandoned land that PaPaw left in his will
They would build us a brand new house up on that hill

First they had to burn it down, the old building that stood up there
I don't remember much about it now, but the rooms were stained and bare
The fire smoldered for seven days 'til everything had turned to ash
the lost souls that dwelled in there were sewed in the grass

you can teareth down what man hath built
you can set it all on fire
you can whisper words with your lips
but they'll hear your desires
you can dig the hole and stack your stones
with your own bare hands
but you'll never make a house your home - if you build on bad land

I saw signs of trouble there, near sunrise on Christmas Day
Shadows moving up the hallway stairs, cast a (somber sort of)colder kind of shade
they must have made it to my brother first, his room was closer than mine
after that i never cared too much for the best place in line

That dark-eyed man had his sights on me, and something had a'hold of him
It might have been the haints he'd seen, or i guess it could have been the gin
He'd rouse me up every morning (a flingin')casting cold water on my face
the day i looked down my barrel at him, the water felt like flames
Track Name: Love and War
I know your mama said some bad things about me
and some of them are probably true
But you'll never know how she treated me
or how much your daddy loves you

it's a shame we couldn't fix it
but we were sleeping with our swords
they say all is fair in love and war

When I think back, I'm still driving you home
you're in the back seat
I blinked my eyes and now you're grown
do you remember what blue whales eat?

Love ain't competition
but we were always keeping score
i guess all is fair in love and war

now I'm the devil on your shoulder
and Sometimes i get mad as Hell
I'm not as bad as they've all told you
But I'm here waiting for a time, that time will only tell
To save you in a fight, always here to wish you well
And everything will be alright
Like the old times

Time has passed I built my walls
of one way glass and Virginia stone
I will answerif you ever call
A Dad's last chance to right his wrongs

these years in isolation
Have left me tattered and torn
but I guess all is fair in Love and War
Track Name: Jones
I had this friend, his name was Jones
Kinda' looked like a vampire, pale skin, a bag of bones
Damn lucky to live through being young and dumb
Full of piss with a 72' Camaro, we was cocked like a loaded gun

Well it was fun riding shotgun, back in them days
But one afternoon, 20 years later, I recognized his face
He was Standing outside the Wal-Mart with a cardboard sign
I told him to climb on in, but this time I'll drive
Jones - what the Hell are you doin' out here man?
The last time I saw you - you had a Shifter in your hand
I could tell by the look in his eyes he was down on his luck
We sat there for two or three hours just a talkin' in the truck
with 3 kids and a wife waiting back at the Budget Inn
He was just doing what he had to do to pay for all his sins

Well I reckon time stands still when you're high on pills
But life ain't livin' when your day to day is really just deal to deal
Walkin' 'round town in concrete shoes with your arms in the air
and You know - they know - that you screwed up - and you hope that they still care
Jones - what the Hell are you doin' out here man?
The last time I saw you - you were workin' on your Master plan
He said Burger King's sells them doubles for a dollar a'piece
That's a damn good thing when it's 80 for an 80 down on Myrtle street
These kids'd be better off if me and their Mom was dead
But they ain't no place to do the deed when we're all in the same bed

So another day on the sidewalk, flaggin' West Stone Drive
To Jones it ain't much different now than serving hard time
He takes a fistful of rent money back with some cheese for the fridge
Well it sure as Hell ain't the TajMahal but it's better than the bridge
Jones - what the Hell are you doin' out here man?
The last time I saw you - you had the future in your hand
Track Name: I Drank (with Willie & Hank)
I had forgotten my billfold when I came back home yesterday
I found you in the arms of another - he must've come in the back way
Now I was mad at you darlin' so I drove downtown to the Wild Boar
And I drank and I drank with Willie and Hank and I told them that you was a whore!

You were my good-timin' woman and I was your good-hearted man
But now that you're dippin' Prince Albert, all I have left is a can
A can of Milwaukee's finest, served up in a tall frosty glass
I drank and i drank with Willie and Hank until I fell flat on my ass

Music break

I don't know if I'll ever be able to stagger back home
This morning my music selection started as Haggard and Jones
Then Johnny's Two-Timing Woman got me thinkin' 'bout you rollin' in the sack
So I drank and I drank with Willie and Hank and I hope that you get the clap

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